SANTÉ Realty Investments Donates to Rett Syndrome Research Trust

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Rett Syndrome Research Trust | Rett Syndrome News | giant check illustration

The Rett Syndrome Research Trust (RSRT) has received a large donation from SANTÉ Realty Investments, a provider of real estate investment services, to help search for a cure for Rett syndrome.

SANTÉ Realty’s contribution was inspired by personal events in the life of the company’s CEO, Jim Small, who has a daughter with Rett syndrome.

“The substantial six-figure gift that SANTÉ Realty gave comes at the perfect time. It will play a major role in helping us facilitate more biopharma companies pick up the lab research and develop Rett programs. We are staying committed to curing Rett Syndrome,” Monica Coenraads, CEO of RSRT said in a letter to Small, according to a press release.

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A Few Cells With Defective MECP2 Can Cause Symptoms, Study Suggests

Most Rett syndrome cases are caused by mutations in the MECP2 gene. Since studies have shown that restoring levels of the MeCP2 protein reverses symptoms, and that brain cells do not die off in people with Rett, RSRT is dedicated to finding a cure by specifically targeting MECP2.

Through its CURE 360 initiative, RSRT plans to find a cure for Rett using six genetic-based approaches, such as replacing or editing the mutated gene, and delivering a healthy version of the MeCP2 protein to the body.

Currently, the trust has 16 programs that target MECP2 with the involvement of eight biopharmaceutical companies. For example, Taysha Gene Therapies recently initiated clinical testing of a gene therapy called TSHA-102. TSHA-102 delivers a shorter version of MECP2 which was developed with funding from RSRT. Neurogene’s gene therapy NGN-401 was also developed with funds from the trust.

At the start of the year, RSRT invested $3.1 million in several research projects as part of its CURE 360 initiative. Since being founded in 2008, a total of $62 million has been awarded to Rett syndrome research.

According to SANTÉ Realty, the company uses its profits to have a positive impact on the next generation.

“Here at SANTÉ, we do not forget the driving force of why we started. We continue that social responsibility by making a bigger impact in the world through our charitable endeavors, and by helping the next generation through profitable investing in cash-flowing real estate,” Small said.